AP Chemistry


Chemistry: The Central Science, 14th Edition
Chemistry: The Central Science approaches general chemistry with unrivaled problem sets, notable scientific accuracy and currency, and remarkable clarity. The dynamic author team builds on their expertise and experience as leading researchers and award-winning teachers to help students develop conceptual understanding and to think about the practical, real-world use of chemistry. Data-driven problem and question revisions by the authors incorporate educational research, teacher preferences, and data from thousands of student users.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction: Matter, Energy, and Measurement
Chapter 2. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
Chapter 3. Chemical Reactions and Reaction Stoichiometry
Chapter 4. Reactions in Aqueous Solution
Chapter 5. Thermochemistry
Chapter 6. Electronic Structure of Atoms
Chapter 7. Periodic Properties of the Elements
Chapter 8. Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding
Chapter 9. Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories
Chapter 10. Gases
Chapter 11. Liquids and Intermolecular Forces
Chapter 12. Solids and Modern Materials
Chapter 13. Properties of Solutions
Chapter 14. Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 15. Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 16. Acid—Base Equilibria
Chapter 17. Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria
Chapter 18. Chemistry of the Environment
Chapter 19. Chemical Thermodynamics
Chapter 20. Electrochemistry
Chapter 21. Nuclear Chemistry
Chapter 22. Chemistry of the Nonmetals
Chapter 23. Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry
Chapter 24. The Chemistry of Life: Organic and Biological Chemistry


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