AP Computer Science A


Brief Java: Early Objects, 9th Edition
It focuses on the essentials of effective learning and is suitable for a two-semester introduction to programming sequence. This text requires no prior programming experience and only a modest amount of high school algebra. Objects and classes from the standard library are used where appropriate in early sections with coverage on object-oriented design starting in Chapter 8. This gradual approach allows students to use objects throughout their study of the core algorithmic topics, without teaching bad habits that must be un-learned later.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Using Objects
Chapter 3. Implementing Classes
Chapter 4. Fundamental Data Types
Chapter 5. Decisions
Chapter 6. Loops
Chapter 7. Arrays and Array Lists
Chapter 8. Designing Classes
Chapter 9. Inheritance
Chapter 10. Interfaces
Chapter 11. Input/Output and Exception Handling
Chapter 12. Object-Oriented Design
Chapter 13. Recursion
Chapter 14. Sorting and Searching
Chapter 15. The Java Collections Framework


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