AP Physics 1:Algebra-Based


College Physics: A Strategic Approach, 4th Edition
College Physics: A Strategic Approach, 4th Edition expands its focus from how mixed majors students learn physics to focusing on why these students learn physics. The authors apply the best results from educational research and Mastering™ Physics metadata to present basic physics in real world examples that engage students and connect physics with other fields, including biological sciences, architecture, and natural resources. From these connections, students not only learn in research-driven ways but also understand why they are taking the course and how it applies to other areas.

Table of Contents

PART I Force and Motion

OVERVIEW The Science of Physics
1 Representing Motion
2 Motion in One Dimension
3 Vectors and Motion in Two Dimensions
4 Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion
5 Applying Newton’s Laws
6 Circular Motion, Orbits, and Gravity
7 Rotational Motion
8 Equilibrium and Elasticity

PART II Conservation Laws

OVERVIEW Why Some Things Stay the Same
9 Momentum
10 Energy and Work
11 Using Energy

PART III Properties of Matter

OVERVIEW Beyond the Particle Model
12 Thermal Properties of Matter
13 Fluids

PART IV Oscillations and Waves
OVERVIEW Motion That Repeats Again and Again

15 Traveling Waves and Sound
16 Superposition and Standing Waves

PART V Optics
OVERVIEW Light Is a Wave

17 Wave Optics
18 Ray Optics
19 Optical Instruments

PART VI Electricity and Magnetism
OVERVIEW Charges, Currents, and Fields

20 Electric Fields and Forces
21 Electric Potential
22 Current and Resistance
23 Circuits
24 Magnetic Fields and Forces
25 EM Induction and EM Waves
26 AC Electricity

Part VII Modern Physics
OVERVIEW New Ways of Looking at the World

27 Relativity
28 Quantum Physics
29 Atoms and Molecules
30 Nuclear Physics


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