AP Spanish Language and Culture


The AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam will test your ability to apply communication and language skills developed in the course and ask you to demonstrate your understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures.


Unit 1: Families in Different Societies
You’ll learn Spanish language skills in the context of studying family life and values in Spanish-speaking communities and explore contemporary beliefs and challenges that families face.
Unit 2: The Influence of Language and Culture on Identity
You’ll build your vocabulary and learn about how language and culture shape and reflect evolving ideas about identity in Spanish-speaking societies.
Unit 3: Influences of Beauty and Art
You’ll explore how ideas of beauty and art influence and reflect culture in Spanish-speaking communities.
Unit 4: How Science and Technology Affect Our Lives
You’ll examine how developments in science and technology affect daily life in Spanish-speaking communities and use your growing language skills to help you interpret unfamiliar words and engage in more complicated texts.
Unit 5: Factors That Impact the Quality of Life
You’ll learn more about contemporary life in Spanish-speaking communities and how social status, cultural perspectives, and access to jobs and resources can make an impact on the quality of life.
Unit 6: Environmental, Political, and Societal Challenges
You’ll explore how complex global issues affect people’s lives in Spanish-speaking communities and engage in deeper discussions to suggest possible solutions.


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