AP Spanish Literature and Culture


Build your language skills and cultural knowledge by exploring works of literature written in Spanish. Using Spanish to communicate, you’ll read, analyze, discuss, and write about works by Spanish, Latin-American, and U.S. Hispanic authors of different periods.


Unit 1: La época medieval
As you read works of medieval Spanish literature, you’ll learn to understand the language patterns of the period while exploring how historical events, religious values, and customary cultural practices create the settings for the texts.
Unit 2: El siglo XVI
You’ll continue to build your skills in understanding and analyzing texts as you study literary works from the 16th century, which opened a period known as the Golden Age in Spanish literature.
Unit 3: El siglo XVII
You’ll explore works from the second half of the Golden Age, a period which saw the production of several masterpieces of literature written in Spanish.
Unit 4: La literatura romántica, realista y naturalista
You’ll read and analyze works from the 19th century—two texts representing the literary movement of Romanticism and two representing the later movements of Realism and Naturalism.
Unit 5: La Generación del 98 y el Modernismo
You’ll learn about the works and philosophy of La Generación del 98—a group of writers active in Spain around the time of the Spanish-American War—and explore the related literary movement of Modernism.
Unit 6: Teatro y poesía del siglo XX
You’ll begin your study of 20th-century literature by reading and analyzing works of poetry and drama that embody the movements of that period, such as the Vanguard and the Theater of the Absurd.
Unit 7: El Boom latinoamericano
You’ll continue your study of 20th-century literature as you learn about authors of the “boom” of the 1960s and 1970s, when Latin American novels and short stories won acclaim and popularity worldwide.
Unit 8: Escritores contemporáneos de Estados Unidos y España
You’ll read and analyze recent works that present the realities of life in the 1970s and 1980s in the United States and Spain.


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