AP U.S. History


America Past and Present 10th edition “combined volume”
America: Past and Present integrates the social and political dimensions of American history into one chronological narrative, providing students with a full picture of the scope and complexity of the American past. Written by award-winning historians, it tells the story of all Americans–elite and ordinary, women and men, rich and poor, white majority and minorities.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: New World Encounters
Chapter 2: New World Experiments: England’s Seventeenth-Century Colonies
Chapter 3: Putting Down Roots: Opportunity and Oppression in Colonial Society
Chapter 4: Experience of Empire: Eighteenth-Century America
Chapter 5: The American Revolution: From Elite Protest to Popular Revolt, 1763–1783
Chapter 6: The Republican Experiment
Chapter 7: Democracy and Dissent: The Violence of Party Politics, 1788–1800
Chapter 8: Republican Ascendancy: The Jeffersonian Vision
Chapter 9: Nation Building and Nationalism
Chapter 10: The Triumph of White Men’s Democracy
Chapter 11: Slaves and Masters
Chapter 12: The Pursuit of Perfection
Chapter 13: An Age of Expansionism
Chapter 14: The Sectional Crisis
Chapter 15: Secession and the Civil War
Chapter 16: The Agony of Reconstruction
Chapter 17: The West: Exploiting an Empire
Chapter 18: The Industrial Society
Chapter 19: Toward an Urban Society, 1877–1900
Chapter 20: Political Realignments in the 1890s
Chapter 21: Toward Empire
Chapter 22: The Progressive Era
Chapter 23: From Roosevelt to Wilson in the Age of Progressivism
Chapter 24: The Nation at War
Chapter 25: Transition to Modern America
Chapter 26: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal
Chapter 27: America and the World, 1921–1945
Chapter 28: The Onset of the Cold War
Chapter 29: Affluence and Anxiety
Chapter 30: The Turbulent Sixties
Chapter 31: The Rise of a New Conservatism, 1969–1988
Chapter 32: To the Twenty-first Century, 1989–2011


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