BA: Entrepreneurship


In this course you will evaluate the necessary qualities and characteristics of the successful entrepreneurial profile.
Recognize and determine the steps necessary to open and operate a small business enterprise.
Critique the basic forms of small business ownership.
Identify the marketing, financial, leadership and other competencies needed by an entrepreneur.
Use information, projections, logic and critical thinking to recognize an opportunity and solve small business problems in a multicultural, ethical and legal environment.
Develop a Business Plan and plan for Management Succession.


Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – Introduction
Ch.3 – The Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Ch.4 – Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind: From Ideas to Reality
Ch.5 – Strategic Management and the Entrepreneur
Ch.6 – Forms of Ownership and Franchising
Ch.7 – Buying an Existing Business
Ch.8 – Entrepreneurship – Exam I
Ch.9 – Building a Powerful Marketing Plan
Ch.10 – E-Commerce and the Entrepreneur
Ch.11 – Integrated Marketing Communication and Pricing Strategies
Ch.12 – Managing Cash Flow
Ch.13 – Entrepreneurship – Exam II
Ch.14 – Creating a Successful Financial Plan
Ch.15 – Creating a Winning Business Plan
Ch.16 – Sources of Funds: Equity and Debt
Ch.17 – Choosing the Right Location and Layout
Ch.18 – Global Aspects of Entrepreneurship
Ch.19 – Leading the Growing Company and Planning for Management Success
Ch.20 – Entrepreneurship – Exam III
Ch.21 – Business Plan Submission

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