BA: Intro to Advertising



Most advertising today is about communicating the complex range of messages about a product known as branding. A brand is a product or range of products that has a set of values associated with it that are easily recognised by the consumer. A brand is distinguished immediately by its name and/or a symbol (eg the Nike swoosh, the adidas three stripes). Brand Identity is created by using the following elements
1. Brand Essence – a way of summing up the significance of the brand to stockholders and consumers alike of the brand in one simple sentence
2. Brand Slogan – a public way of identifying the brand for consumers – often associated with a logo
3. Brand Personality – marketeers can describe their brand as though it were a person, with likes and dislikes and certain behaviour
4. Brand Values – what does it stand for/against?
5. Brand Appearance – What does it look/sound/taste like?
6. Brand Heritage – how long has it been around? does it have customers who have been loyal to it for many years?
7. Emotional benefits – how it avoids/reduces pain or increases pleasure
8. Hard benefits – bigger? better? cheaper? washes whiter?
As consumers, we tend to be more familiar with a whole brand, as opposed to individual products. The process of advertising allows us to associate values with products that may not have a real connection to them – for instance, Nike has always selected rebellious athletes to promote its shoes, the ‘bad boys’ of basketball, tennis & football, and therefore the Nike brand has connotations of rebelliousness, of doing whatever it takes to win.


Ch.1 – Introduction to Advertising
Ch.2 – Advertising Principles
Ch.3 – Advertising & Society
Ch.4 – Advertising & Marketing Process
Ch.5 – Consumer Audience
Ch.6 – Account Planning & Research
Ch.7 – How Advertising Works
Ch.8 – Advertising Planning & Strategy
Ch.9 – Media Planning & Buying
Ch.10 – Print Media
Ch.11 – Broadcast & Interactive Online Media
Ch.12 – Creative Side of Advertising
Ch.13 – Copywriting
Ch.14 – Direct Response
Ch.15 – Public Relations
Ch.16 – Course Survey


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