6th Grade Language Arts


Over the course of this year, students will gain a variety of knowledge and experience in the field of Language Arts. This course is a standard-based program designed to support all students in meeting grade level standards in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will learn reading comprehension, literacy response and analysis, vocabulary, writing skills, and listening and speaking skills.


Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – Reading: Sharing Our Stories
Ch.3 – Chapter 1 Test & Assignment
Ch.4 – Reporting the News
Ch.5 – Chapter 2 Test & Assignment
Ch.6 – Explaining How
Ch.7 – Chapter 3 Test & Assignment
Ch.8 – Comparing and Contrasting
Ch.9 – Chapter 4 Test & Assignment
Ch.10 – Responding to a Novel
Ch.11 – Chapter 5 Test & Assignment
Ch.12 – Sharing Your Research
Ch.13 – Chapter 6 Test & Assignment
Ch.14 – Making a Difference
Ch.15 – Chapter 7 Test & Assignment
Ch.16 – Writing Effective Sentences
Ch.18 – Learning About Paragraphs
Ch.20 – The Sentence
Ch.22 – Parts of Speech
Ch.24 – Parts of Speech II
Ch.26 – The Phrase and the Clause


The student will:
1. Demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of word origins to determine the meaning of grade level appropriate words.
2. Demonstrate their ability to read and understand grade level appropriate material.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of grade level vocabulary.
4. Demonstrate a clear and coherent form of essay writing, which contain introductions, supporting evidence, and conclusions.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the English language by writing narrative, response to literature, persuasive, and descriptive essays.
6. Write and speak with an understanding of standard English conventions are appropriate to this grade level, by delivering formal presentations using a variety of strategies.

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