7th Grade Language Arts


In seventh grade language arts students will read independently for extended periods of time. They will analyze the connections between the texts they read and the real world. They will demonstrate how to paraphrase, evaluate, and summarize the information they read. They will further analyze the differences between fact and opinion. Students will also continue to detect bias in the texts they read. Seventh grade students will further analyze conflict and will continue identifying imagery and symbolism.
In addition, they will evaluate point of view and analyze figurative language and identify elements of poetry. Students will apply objective criteria for evaluating texts. Students will analyze the meanings of complex words by using their knowledge of roots and affixes. In grade seven, students will hone their prewriting strategy skills bases on specific audiences and/or purposes. They will revise their work using collaboration, conferencing, and self-evaluation. They will edit for language conventions such as syntax, and word usage. Students will develop skills in writing for various formats, including expressive and informational pieces and business letters. In grade seven students will also hone their writing skills to explain and inform.
They will continue to learn, entertain, and describe through writing as well as begin writing to persuade analyze, and transact business. They will respond to texts both orally and in writing. In grade seven, students will listen for meaning in conversations and discussions and effectively summarize them. Students will listen more attentively as group members continue suing critical analysis to formulate appropriate oral responses. In grade seven students will continue asking questions to investigate a topic. They will also enhance their ability to access information from a variety of sources as well as hone their skill in conducting independent research and summarizing the information they gather. Fluency and conventions are taught through mini lessons that incorporate actual student writing.


Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – Introduction
Ch.3 – Eyewitness
Ch.4 – Explaining a Process
Ch.5 – Advantages/Disadvantages
Ch.6 – Previewing a Novel
Ch.7 – Effective Sentences
Ch.8 – Paragraphs
Ch.9 – Grammar: The Sentence
Ch.10 – Grammar: Parts of Speech
Ch.11 – Grammar: Verb
Ch.12 – Grammar: Phrases
Ch.13 – Grammar: Clauses
Ch.14 – Grammar: Simple Sentence
Ch.15 – Grammar: Subject & Verb Agreement

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