8th Grade Language Arts


8th Grade English is a course focused on improving skills fundamental to every aspect of a student鈥檚 education — reading and writing. Structured in a workshop format, students will be stretched by reading both choice novels and mentor texts, as they strive to become better readers, writers, and communicators. By reading a variety of genre, connections will be made between history and literature, fostering an appreciation for language and creative expression.
8th grade Language Arts is about practicing and building upon the skills you have acquired as students of English. You should be prepared to read independently. You will learn to analyze and evaluate the materials you read, make connections with and between the literature you are exposed to and you will engage in a literary community by forming and stating opinions about themes and ideas presented by many different authors. You will write, both creatively and for purpose. You are required to present a portfolio of essential writings by the end of your 8th grade year. This portfolio must include a poetry piece, a research paper, a procedure paper, a personal essay, and a response to literature paper. You must also learn to summarize complicated informational text, write book reviews, and respond to on-demand and creative writing prompts. In addition to reading and writing, you will practice spelling, vocabulary and grammar on a weekly basis to prepare you for your high school English studies and for standardized exams. It is crucial that you be organized and prepared for class, that you build and practice responsibility and the habits of learning that will allow you to succeed.


Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – Chapter 1
Ch.3 – Sentence Grammar
Ch.4 – Sentence Grammar II
Ch.5 – Common Sentence Problems
Ch.6 – Punctuation and Mechanics
Ch.7 – Literary Genres
Ch.8 – The Monkey Paw
Ch.9 – The Tell-Tale Heart
Ch.10 – There will come soft rain

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