HS: Intro to Nursing II



This course introduces students to essential characteristics of professional nursing practice in today’s health care system and the interconnected global community. Concepts to be explored include the history and theoretical basis of the nursing profession, the profession as part of a wider health care community and delivery system, professional communication, self-understanding and self-care as means to promote health and wellness of self and others. An introduction to the responsibility of self-directed, life-long learning and evidence based practice is included. An emphasis will be placed on the complexity and holism of culturally sensitive nursing care in relation to the diversity of patients.


Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – Environmental Health
Ch.3 – Physical Examination
Ch.4 – Specimen Collection
Ch.5 – Catheterization Procedures
Ch.6 – Vital Signs
Ch.7 – Diet Therapy
Ch.8 – Nurse As Team Leader
Ch.9 – Nurse as a Teacher
Ch.10 – Perioperative Patient Care
Ch.11 – Preoperative Patient Care
Ch.12 – Recovery Room Care


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