Comprehensive Science II


Comprehensive Science 2 is the second course in the M/J Comprehensive Science Sequence. In this course students explore: The Foundations of Science, Energy, The Earth and it’s features, The Earth’s internal and external structures and how they change, The Earth’s history, living things and how they change and interact, Genetics and Heredity, and The Organization of the living world. Some of these topics are introduced and serve as a foundation for Comprehensive Science 3 and others are discussed in detail. Students will learn through real world examples and virtually visit six different continents to see science in action all over the world. Students will participate in activities and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have learned.


Ch.1 – Science Processes
The Scientific Method
Measurement and the Microscope

Ch.2 – Earth’s Structure/Plate Tectonics
Earth’s Shape and Structure
Plate Tectonics: Intro
Theory of Plate Tectonics
Earths Moving Crust
Mountain Building
Continental Drift
Mountain Building: Quiz

Ch.3 – Rocks and Minerals
Mineral Characteristics
Rock Classification
Igneous Rock
Sedimentary Rocks: Virtual Field Trip
Metamorphic Rocks
The Rock Cycle
Rocks and Minerals Review
Rocks and Minerals Test

Ch.4 – Geologic History
Geologic History Introduction
Finding Fossils
Relative Age of Rock: Internet Activity
Radiometric Dating
Geologic Time Scale
Geological History Review
Geologic History Test

Ch.5 – Weathering and Erosion
Types and Rate of Weathering
Erosion: Changes in the Earth’s Surface
The Force of Moving Water/Glaciers
Wind and Wave Erosion
Weathering and Erosion Quiz

Ch.6 – Reproduction and Heredity
Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction
The Female Reproductive System
The Male Reproductive System
Fertilization and Development
Cell Reproduction: Mitosis Part I
Cell Reproduction: Mitosis Part II

Ch.7 – DNA
Nucleic Acids: Vocabulary
Nucleic Acids: DNA and RNA
Nucleic Acids: Protein Synthesis Lab
DNA Technology
DNA Modeling Lab

Ch.8 – Genetics
Genetics: Vocabulary
Genetics: Basic Genetics
The Cell Cycle Part I
The Cell Cycle Part II
Genetics: Meiosis and Mitosis
Genetics: Chromosome Study- Karyotype
Genetics: Pedigree Studies
Genetics: Pedigree Lab

Ch.9 – Natural Selection/ Evidence of Evolution
Evolution: The Theory of Evolution
Biological Change: Charles Darwin
Evolution: Competition and Extinction

Ch.10 – Ecology
Ecology: Symbiosis
Populations and Relationships: Limiting Factors
Ecosystem Balance
Carrying Capacity
Energy Flow
Introduction to Biome
Biomes: Data Analysis
Population Ecology

Ch.11 – Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light
Electromagnetic Spectrum: Prisms
Properties of Waves
Light: Reflection, Refraction, and Absorption
Properties of Light
Color and Light
Sound and Light Waves
Sound Waves and Mediums
Nuclear Fission and Fusion


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