7th Grade Social Studies


This course explores what it means to be an informed, participating citizen in a democratic society. Students will learn about the elements of democracy in local, national, and global contexts, about political reactions to social change, and about political decision-making processes in Canada. They will explore their own and others’ ideas about civics questions and learn how to think critically about public issues and react responsibly to them.


Ch.1 – Geography
Geography: World Regions
Physical and Cultural Settings of the Americas
Role of Geography on the Historical and Cultural Development of the US

Ch.2 – Introducing Government in America
Foundations of Government
Political Beginnings of the United States
Basic Concepts of a Democracy
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation Questions
Introducing Government in America Test

Ch.3 – The Constitution
Creating the Federal Government
Six Basic Principles
Ratifying the Constitution
The Bill of Rights
Checks and Balances
Government and State
Review: Foundations of Govt and Constitution
The Constitution Test

Ch.4 – Legislative Branch
Examination of the Congress
Participating in the Legislative Process
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Expressed, Implied and Non-Legislative Powers of Congress

Ch.5 – Judicial Branch
Introduction to the Judicial
Judicial Branch Essay
The Judicial Branch
The Judicial Branch Test
The Supreme Court
Supreme Court Nominations

Ch.6 – Executive Branch
Executive Branch Webquest
The Presidency
The Presidency Test
Examination of the Presidency Questions
The Executive Branch

Ch.7 – Political Parties
• Introduction to Political Parties
• Nominating Candidates for Office
• Interest Groups
• Public Opinion

Ch.8 – Civil Liberties and Social Policy
• Constitutional Protections
• Unlawful Arrest/Unlawful Search
• Fourth Amendment
• Gun Control

Ch.9 – The Justice System
• The Trial Process
• Jury Selection
• Supreme Court Cases 1896 – 1974
• Criminal vs. Civil Law
• Rights of the Accused
• Criminal Justice Process
• Juvenile vs. Adult Justice System

Ch.10 – Intro to Economics and the American Economy
• Intro to Economics
• Understanding Economics
• How Economics Play a Role in our Lives
• Supply and Demand
• US Economic System
• Economics Review


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